Configuration files and shell scripts (for zsh and bash).

Configuration: .profile et alii

My .profile gives you a colorized prompt and much more. You might want to pick the settings one by one and modify them to your needs, the inlined comments will make this easy. If you are using bash you may want to make .bashrc a softlink to .profile (similar with zsh and .zshrc). Bash specific settings can be found in .jjbashrc, zsh specific settings in .jjzshrc.

The file .jjtermcolors defines some handy environment variables for the color attributes of a terminal. It is read by .profile to set the colors for the prompt. It is generally useful to produce colorized output in a terminal.
The script (as .txt) displays the terminal colors.

Nicely colorised filenames (in the output of 'ls') are defined in .jjdircolors which is also read by the above .profile.

Some useful aliases are in .alias. Again, pick these one by one, don't just replace your aliases by copying the whole file into you homedir.

And here is a reasonable .inputrc

Check the file readme-profile.txt about how to use my config files.

Scripts ...

jjold renames one (or more) file or directory to its original name appended by the date of the last file modification. Optionally copy file/dir to new name.

replace is a (bash) shell script to replace a string by another string in one or multiple files has its own page.

lshtml is a (bash) shell script to list files in html format both alphabetically and time ordered. This is an example of its output.

cppb, the cpp-beautifier. Would change a file like this (C code omitted) (using cppb -2 < this > that) into that. Quite useful sometimes, trust me.

cpipe is a colorization filter.

hex and hex2 lets hexdump produce a sensible output format.
Plain hexdump produces this amazingly useless output.
hex produces this while
hex2 produces this output.

rotate rotates and transposes a textfile.

f2l moves a file to its lowercased name. (needs some improvements for directories)

Your feedback is appreciated.
jj (Jörg Arndt)

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